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The Ultimate 2020 Guide To Selecting The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Written by Clint Thorpe

Most people are familiar with vacuuming. At some point in your life, you will have crossed paths with these household dirt munchers but to ensure that the best care and protection of your carpet is achieved, there are some important vacuum considerations to take note of.

Make sure you have the right vacuum for your home environment

There are so many vacuum cleaners available on the market today that the task of selecting the right one can be rather daunting. As with most things in life, not all vacuums are created equal, so it is important to choose a vacuum that adequately meets the needs of your home. I have broken down the most common types below, so you have an idea of where to start.

1. Cordless Broom

The KB5 Cordless Broom is ready to use in seconds. This cordless broom is ideal for intermediate cleaning to keep your floors in pristine condition

2. Cordless Vacuum

The VC5 Cordless Vacuum allows maximum freedom and comfort. With its compact design and working time of up to 40 minutes, this machine is ideal for homes where space is a valuable commodity.

3. Upright Vacuum

The CV30-1 high-performance upright vacuum combines professional vacuuming, brushing, and maintenance into a single unit.

4. Cylinder Vacuum

The VC3 is a multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner. HEPA filters ensure there are minimal dust emissions making this the perfect machine for allergy sufferers.

5. Multi-purpose Vacuum

The WD6 is a high-end multi-purpose vacuum. It impresses with ultra-high vacuum power. This machine is capable of vacuuming wet and dry dirt without the need for filter replacement.

6. Water filter Vacuum

The DS6 vacuum cleaner with water filtration is ideal for allergy sufferers. With 99.5% dust-free exhaust air, this machine is ideal for improving the air quality in your home.

7. Steam Vacuum

The SV7 combines the advantages of steam cleaners with the power of vacuum cleaners. These impressive all-around machines can clean any home quickly and conveniently without the need for chemicals.

8. Carpet Cleaner Vacuum

The SE4001 is a multi-purpose vacuum. It is ideal for households wanting the option of deep cleaning their carpets with normal vacuum and spray extraction capabilities.

Now that you have your ideal vacuum cleaner let’s look at the proper technique to ensure you get the best results:

Pick up any items too big for the vacuum cleaner to pick up. These items can impair suction and negatively affect your cleaning results.

Don’t rush. Pass the vacuum cleaner back and forth slowly. The vacuum suction needs adequate time to extract everything from the carpet fibers. Proper vacuuming extends the life of your carpet so don’t skimp on your vacuuming time.

Reverse. For the best results, repeat the process in reverse i.e. opposite direction. This isn’t necessary every time you vacuum but is a great idea periodically to ensure the deepest clean possible.

Use the attachments. Most vacuum cleaners come with a selection of attachments. These make it substantially easier to vacuum those hard-to-reach places.

Vacuum often. How often? This depends on the traffic and activity in your home. Other considerations for vacuum frequency would include the number of pets and children in your home and whether there are any allergy sufferers in the home.

For homes with allergy sufferers, pets and children, vacuuming as much as 3 times a week is not uncommon.