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Rental Vs Professional

Guide To Selecting The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Method For You

Written by Clint Thorpe

Having your carpets cleaned is a chore that falls into the same box as spring cleaning. It isn’t fun, but it is necessary. Deep cleaning your carpets is a task that should happen at least once a year (more if you have pets or children). Most carpet owners, however, will only have their carpets cleaned a few times in their lifetime (and some not even that). Carpet cleaning is not only important for removing stains, deep cleaning your carpet protects the fibers of the carpet and thus prolongs the lifespan of the carpet.

How often should you clean your carpets?

To keep your carpets looking great and
ensuring that they perform well for as long as possible, manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned at least every 12 months, depending on the amount of traffic in your home. In fact, such frequent cleaning is a condition of many of the manufacturer’s warranties, so be sure to read the warranty carefully.

Once you have made the choice that your carpets need cleaning, all that is left is deciding on the method you wish to use to carry the cleaning out. The two most recognized methods are dry cleaning and spray extraction. Spray extraction is often mistaken as steam cleaning because of the fine high-pressure solution that
is sprayed onto your carpets or upholstery.

Spray Extraction Cleaning

The use of spray extraction to clean carpets is the most popular of all carpet and upholstery cleaning processes. Unlike other carpet cleaning methods, spray extraction won’t damage your carpet fibers or leave behind any residue. The
combination of a cleaning solution mix being sprayed deep into the carpet fibers and then extracted by way of a powerful vacuum is the preferred method by most carpet manufacturers. Spray extraction cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and upholstery if done frequently. This method is suited to allergy sufferers as the contaminants in the carpet pile are removed by way of the turbine motor.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning methods do not require water or wet shampoos. Instead, dry methods rely on moisture-free solvents to
eliminate dirt and grime. The
main advantage of this method is time. Unlike wet cleaning
methods, you will be able to walk on your carpets almost
immediately after cleaning.

Note: Any carpet powder not extracted by your vacuum cleaner will attract dirt and could result in the carpet’s appearance deteriorating much quicker than advertised. This method is not advisable if you do not have a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove the powder from the carpet pile.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners may use either a truck-mounted unit or a portable machine. The portable machine has obvious benefits such as maneuverability whereas truck-mounted units are generally more powerful.

Risks of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately, there are far too many “professionals” that really do not know what they are doing. A big machine and bulk detergent containers does not make you professional. This is a consideration that anyone going the professional route needs to consider. Ensure that you use a reputable company and ask questions about the detergents being used on your carpets. Any detergent that is not pH neutral runs the risk of damaging your carpets. You also need to consider the fact that you will knowingly allow strangers into your home and this poses obvious security risks. Once you have satisfied yourself with these considerations, take into account the cost of having professionals clean your carpets. Professional cleaning is far more expensive than hiring a cleaner and this will in all likelihood be the biggest consideration for you to make before deciding whether to go the professional or rental route.

Rental Carpet Cleaning

Rent a carpet cleaner from a reputable company and you will receive professional-grade machinery to carry out the cleaning in your home. The obvious benefit of this is that you have time to do the cleaning to your specifications and without the added inconvenience of having strangers in your home. The Cleaning Clinic rental solutions offer professional-grade machinery and professionally formulated cleaning detergents to ensure the end result is as good as any professional carpet cleaner.

Risks of Rental Carpet Cleaning

As with all choices, there are pros and cons to any choice you make. If you take the plunge and decide to do the cleaning yourself, make sure you are able to contact a helpline to get assistance if something doesn’t go according to plan. The most common errors in DIY carpet cleaning are over-wetting the carpet and using a detergent mix at the incorrect dilution levels. Make sure you always follow the recommended dilutions on the packaging of the product. Finally, make sure you take your time. The machine vacuum can only pick up what you allow it to, slow strokes over the carpet ensure maximum uptake on any dirt lurking in your carpet pile.