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7 Reasons Hardwood Floors Might Not Be Right For You

Hardwood floors have become increasingly popular in recent years. So much so, that they are almost staples in most new homes. But they aren’t necessarily the best choice for everybody. Check these 7 reasons why they might not be the best option for your home.

    1. Not in your budget
      There is no doubting that hardwood floors are beautiful. This beauty comes at a price and normally a high one at that. In some instances, hardwood flooring can cost as much as double the same area carpeted.
    2. You have pets
      Pets, especially dogs, are rough on hardwood floors. Aside from tacking dirt from outside through the house, their nails scratch the finish on the floors and can leave the floors looking dull and damaged over time. Pets are also prone to accidents, especially when they are young, that can leave stains and smells that are very difficult to remove from between the board joins.
    3. You have kids
      I love my kids, but they are messy. In most instances, they are messier than our dogs, and equally as hard on our hardwood floors. All that play often ends up with nicks, scratches, and marks being left on the floors. It is probably important to note that my kids far prefer lying on a carpeted floor when compared to a hardwood floor.
    4. You don’t want maintenance
      It is a myth that hardwood floors are low maintenance. They require daily sweeping and cleaning to remove dust build-up. Daily maintenance is necessary if you want to keep the floor looking good. And you need to clean them with products that won’t damage their finish and be super careful with water. If you do not have the time or resources to take care of hardwood floors then consider other available options.
    5. Soundproofing needed
      Without some sort of rug, carpet, or curtains there will be nothing to absorb the sounds bouncing off the walls and hardwood floors. Every sound will be noticeable.
    6. They’re cold
      Hardwood floors look great but they are not cozy. They can be downright cold during the winter.
    7. Dust bunnies
      Whether you like it or not, hardwood floors get dirty fast. Sweep in the morning and before day’s end you will notice your footprints in the dust that’s settled since. To keep them looking like a showroom floor, you need to be prepared to work at keeping them clean all the time.

Hardwood floors are beautiful but they aren’t the right answer for everyone. Luckily there are multiple options available so shop around and pick what fits your home best!

credit: www.bobvila.com