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Do you have a large garden or are you a professional building service provider or gardener? If so, you will need more power reserves for extended use and for a range of devices. For this reason, we have developed the Karcher Battery Power+ platforms with batteries in 18 V/3.0 Ah or 36 V/6.0 Ah and 7.5 Ah versions. These batteries communicate with the device and display information, even if the battery is in a position which is difficult to see. Thanks to their integrated soft components, Karcher Battery Power+ batteries offer optimum mechanical sturdiness and grip in any situation.

All Karcher 36 volt machines can use one and the same battery. That way, you’re always ready for cleaning and maintenance jobs – indoors and outdoors. Benefit from reliable runtimes and more productivity. Cordless freedom in all applications – from aeroplane interior cleaning to green space maintenance.

The Karcher battery power features spray water protection, automatic storage mode, intelligent cell monitoring and efficient temperature management. High-performance lithium-ion cells and a perfectly balanced electronics system make Karcher batteries especially powerful. With no annoying cable, battery-powered devices offer maximum freedom of movement and are ready for use in no time at all.