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Karcher Battery Power+ 36/60


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The Karcher Battery Power 36V lithium-ion battery for the 36V machines in our battery platform is not only impressive because of its incredible power and very long runtime thanks to its capacity of 6 Ah, but also has extensive additional equipment and safety features. For example, efficient temperature management guarantees safe heat regulation of the batteries so that the maximum power is always delivered safely. The very robust and impact-resistant casing effectively protects the battery against external impacts and splash water, in accordance with IPX5. This also ensures easy and safe handling. The integrated voltage monitoring and overcurrent protection prevent damage to the cells caused by overvoltage, deep discharge, and excess current. Innovative Real-Time Technology allows users to read precise values for the remaining running time, charging time, and charging state on a clear LCD display.

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The extremely powerful Karcher Battery Power 36V lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 6.0 Ah for long runtime. With innovative Real-Time Technology via LCD display and voltage monitoring.


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