Carpet & Upholstery Machines

  1. Remove white bucket from under Perspex lid at the front of the machine.
  2. Fill the white bucket with warm water and add the detergent mix according to the directions on the chemical’s back label.
  3. Pour the solution into the back of the machine where there is the black surround. (Note: Back of machine is open and not closed with a lid like the front of the machine.)
  4. Return the empty white bucket to the front of the machine. Return the lid to its position and ensure that the lid has been fastened securely. (Note: If the customer can take the lid off when the suction of the machine is on, then they have not made sure it is securely fastened. The lid creates the vacuum so if the lid is secured properly you will not be able to take it off when the motor is on.)
  5. Connect the small see through pipe with snap connector to the nipple on the front of the machine.
  6. Attach the black flexible hose to the front of the machine.
  7. Connect the other side of the hose to either the floor tool or upholstery tool. (Note: This includes both the small see through pipe as well as the black flexible hose.)
  8. Press both buttons on top of the machines on.
  9. Gently squeeze the trigger on the floor/ upholstery tool to begin pumping water through the machine so as to dispense onto the carpet for cleaning.
  10. Cleaning to be done in a racking type motion, in roughly one square meter patches

Our machines use the spray extraction method of cleaning as opposed to the brush rotation system. This is due the nature of the business. Having brushes means that you rely on the customers to properly clean the machine after use. If this is not done the next customer runs the risk on spreading all the dirt sitting in the brushes directly onto your carpet.

With the spray extraction system this problem is avoided as the carpet is injected with a warm water and detergent solution under pressure so that the soil is suspended in the water and extracted almost immediately by a high-suction wet-vacuum system. This method is particularly useful for very dirty carpets because it removes deep-seated soil.

This means that the previous customer did not follow instructions properly. Dirty water was placed into the back of the machine which was then sucked through the machine. The grit has then blocked the trigger mechanism to the point where water spouts out of the trigger. The floor tool needs to be opened and cleaned. The customer will need to return the faulty part and replace.

This is normally a sign of the vacuum motor being under strain. Please return the machine and swap it for a functioning machine.

If the water is dirty is more than likely that there was some excess water sucked into the turbine compartment. This then sits there until the machine is used. The force of the vacuum motor then drives the water out through the exhaust on the cartridge and onto the floor. This will stop after a few seconds and the water can be sucked up and cleaning can commence.

If the water is clean it is probably the pump that is blocked. Confirm if the machine is spraying water. If it is not then the machine needs to be replaced!

No. The machine is designed to spray and suck at the same time. This ensures that the carpets are not over wet which can cause damage. This is also the most effective means of ensuring the carpets dry as quickly as possible. Add a carpet blower to your rental (available as an online exclusive) and speed up the drying of your carpets by up to 80%.

Firstly, we apologise greatly for the inconvenience. We visit the stores every three weeks to service and clean the machines. What happens in-between this period is out of our control. Please contact our helpline on  0860 999 195 and let us know about it so we can tend to the complaint.

This is most likely caused by a faulty power cable. Jiggle the cable where it goes into the back of the machine. If this causes the machine to stop and start the cable is faulty. The machine needs to be returned and a service call logged.

If the machine has a plastic nipple: check whether there is an o-ring around the end of the nipple on both the floor tool and the machine. If there is just confirm that there are no tears in the o-ring. If the o-ring has split (or missing), you will need to return the machine and swap it for an operational machine.

If the hole is on the black hose, this will cause the machine to have sub-standard suction. The pipe needs to be swapped for a fixed one at the store the machine was hired at.

Return the floor tool to the store and swap it for an unbroken one.

In most cases, the customer has allowed the collection bucket (white bucket) to overfill. This causes the machine to suck up the water which is then ejected through the vent outlet at the bottom of the machine.

When the bucket is full of dirty water it must be emptied. It must then be rinsed out with clean water and the mixing of chemicals and warm water can then be done. The mixture must then be poured into the open side at the back of the machine and the empty bucket replaced. The machine must be run off the carpet for about a minute to allow the excess water to be blown out the bottom of the machine. At this point, the customer may complain about marks on the carpet. These marks are from the dirty water coming out the bottom of the machine. The customer should go over these spots with the machine to remove them.