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How to Make a House Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Between busy work schedules, raising kids, the long list of errands, and day-to-day life, it is easy to let home cleaning fall behind. Sure, you could get a house cleaning team to sweep in and give your home a once over, but the reality is that not many of us have that sort of disposable income lying around. Gone are the days of permanent help in every home. Workspace cleaning is also a hectic task.

For those looking to organise their do-it-yourself housekeeping, there is an app for that! Now we can streamline our cleaning routines – or lack thereof – on your iOS or Android device by using one of the helpful apps available.

Luckily, I hope to help remove any anxieties about putting your cleaning schedule together by breaking it down into an easy-to-follow schedule to form the foundation for all cleaning tasks in your home moving forward.

  • Divide cleaning tasks between the members of your home.
  • Use a cleaning schedule app on your phone to keep track of the household chores.
  • If you would prefer a paper schedule, position it in a prominent position (like the fridge door) so everyone can see it.

Our homes are areas we take great pride in. A clean, well-cared-for home reflects well on its owner. Dividing up regular tasks on your cleaning schedule into daily, weekly and monthly jobs can help balance your time and keep your home in great condition.

  1. Make your schedule realistic

The problem with having huge ambitions for a tidy home, for most of us, is that life tends to get in the way.

So before you come up with your schedule, try to measure your paper plan up with reality and then adjust your expectations accordingly. Try scheduling your cleaning during the week when you have a spare couple of hours and loads of energy!

Allocating tasks and responsibilities to members of your home will spread out the load and make everyone responsible for maintaining a spick and span home.


  1. Divide tasks into “BIG” and “SMALL” cleaning jobs

Consider creating a separate “spring clean” schedule to tackle the annual cleaning jobs such as deep cleaning carpets, hard floors, upholstery, cleaning behind the oven, and the dreaded cupboard cleanouts.

Small cleaning jobs will fill out most of your weekly schedule so just remember to manage your expectations.

  1. Arrange your schedule by area

Try cleaning by room type. One day of the week can be allocated to each room. This spreads out the time commitment and makes the tasks at hand far more manageable.

  1. Enlist technology to help you schedule your cleaning

The internet is a wealth of information. Everything from homemade detergents to cleaning best practices, to apps that help organise an otherwise chaotic lifestyle.

I recently took a look at what is on offer and there are several applications that provided the features I wanted when organizing the cleaning schedule for my home. Here is a list of the best apps I found:


  • Our Home (link)   – 4.7 rating on the app store
  • Flylady Plus  (link) – 4.8 rating on the app store
  • Calendar (link) – 4.3 rating on the app store


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