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Carpet Care Tips

Carpet Care Tips: Remove Odors From Carpet

If you sit down on the carpet, do you ever catch a whiff of something? Over time, carpets absorb smells in the home because they are soft surfaces. It happens. Try using our Odour Eliminator formula to revive carpet. It has a fresh, odour neutralising scent that will leave your carpet smelling fresh, while the microbial agents go to work on the odour causing particles.

If you have pets in your home, there may be lingering odours from pet dander in the carpet or previous accidents. If you know there is a spot where your pets have marked, pre-treat it before deep cleaning with an enzyme cleaner like our Pet Stain and Odour Remover spray. Cover the stain and the surrounding area and then cover it with a damp, white or colour-safe cloth for 24 hours. This gives the enzymes time to work on removing the microscopic particles that make up the carpet stain and odour.

Carpet Care Tips: Keeping Carpet Clean for Longer

Now that your carpet is much cleaner, let’s keep it that way! Carpeting is expensive and not easy to replace. It can and should last for a long time, but maintenance is key. Here are some carpet cleaning tips:

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum carpet once a week or more if you have pets to prevent excess hair from collecting on your carpets

Clean Spills Immediately

Spot clean spills right away. When you clean stains, clean from the outside of the stain in to minimize spreading. Also, blot the stain, don’t scrub! This will help keep your carpet from getting fuzzy.

Welcome Mats

Add welcome mats by your doors to trap dirt before it gets on carpets in the main parts of your home.

Keep Shoes By The Door

Remove your shoes before walking inside your home.

Use Rugs

Consider adding area rugs in high traffic areas throughout your home that have carpeting to avoid matting and carpet damage.

Change the Layout

Rearrange furniture every now and then to change the flow of walk patterns through your home and reduce carpet wear.

Deep Clean Regularly

Deep clean carpets every three to six months with Cleaning Clinic Carpet Cleaner to keep carpets dirt-free and refreshed