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WB 120 Rotating Wash Brush Car & Bike


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Rotating wash brush with interchangeable attachment for cleaning all smooth surfaces such as paint, glass or plastic. Quick and easy attachment changing thanks to the integrated release lever.

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Using a release lever, the innovative interchangeable attachment Car & Bike can be quickly and easily changed, without coming into contact with dirt, and its transparent casing offers an outstanding cleaning experience. Thanks to the clever hook-and-loop fastener, the cloth section of the two-part attachment can be removed after cleaning and washed in the machine at 60 °C. The pressure washer brush with a soft microfibre cloth is ideal for the gentle cleaning of cars and motorbikes. Detergent can be applied via the pressure washer if required. Thanks to its new gearbox, the WB 120 boasts more power than previous models – for effective and thorough cleaning. The rotating wash brush can be attached to all Karcher pressure washers in Classes K 2 to K 7. The interchangeable attachments Universal and Home & Garden, available separately, are suitable for all smooth surfaces, or specially adapted to resistant surfaces, and are compatible with both the WB 120 and its predecessor, the WB 100.



Rotating brush head

  • Gentle, soft, and efficient cleaning.

Attachment change via the release lever

  • Quicker and easier attachment change without contact with dirt.

Innovative microfibre attachment with hook-and-loop fastener

  • The first replaceable and washable textile attachment for a rotating pressure washer brush.

Particularly gentle cleaning

  • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as paint.

Removable and washable

  • Machine-washable up to 60 °C.

Detergent application via pressure washer

  • Better dirt loosening and efficient cleaning.

Compatible with garden hose adapter

  • Quicker connection of all Karcher brushes to the garden hose without using the pressure washer.

Transparent casing

  • Cleaning experience thanks to visible technology.
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