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Karcher WD 4 V-20/5/22 (YYY) *EU


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The new WD4 has powerful performance, with its 20-litre plastic container, 5-meter cord, and 2.2-meter-long suction hose, the WD 4 V-20/5/22 wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides an especially powerful suction and excellent energy efficiency.

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The new WD 4 V-20/5/22 is equipped with a robust, impact-resistant 20-liter plastic container, a 5-meter cord, a 2.2-meter suction hose, a flat pleated filter, and a fleece filter bag. Powerful suction and energy-efficient performance with a power consumption of just 1000 watts. Since the floor nozzle, suction hose and device are perfectly coordinated, you can achieve perfect cleaning results and remove wet, dry, fine, or coarse dirt without any interruptions and without having to change the filter. Thanks to patented technology, the filter in the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be removed easily and quickly in a few seconds without coming into contact with any dirt. The removable handle allows accessories to be attached directly to the suction hose. The hose can be stored compactly on the device head. The device head also offers enough space to hold small parts when needed. The parking position provided on the bumper also allows the tubes and floor nozzle to be stored quickly and conveniently. Other advantages include the “Pull & Push” locking system for easy opening and closing of the container, as well as an ergonomically shaped carrying handle for conveniently transporting the device.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 39 × 37 × 53 cm


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