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Karcher EWM 2 Cordless Roller Mop


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Removing stains and splashes right up to the edge without the need for a bucket or any tireless scrubbing has never been easier thanks to the Karcher EWM2 cordless roller mop. With its two tanks, conventional mops are redundant. The rotating microfiber rollers are constantly wet with fresh water while the collected dirt ends up in the waste water tank. The device leaves floors up to 20% cleaner than conventional mops* and removes the need to drag a bucket of water around with a dirty mop.

Thanks to its slimline shape and flexible swivel joint, the Karcher EWM2 not only reaches easily under furniture but also saves storage space. The floor drying time is only around two minutes, making it perfectly suitable for use on all types of hard floors (e.g. tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC, and vinyl). The powerful lithium-ion battery has a run time of approximately 30 minutes. This allows you to clean up to 60 m² floor space using the device on a single charge making it the perfect companion for cleaning floors. Once you are done, simply park the machine in the


Advantages of the Karcher EWM 2 Cordless Roller Mop

Intelligent self-cleaning technology

  • Continuous roller wetting with fresh water
  • The dirt/water mixture collected goes directly to the dirty water tank
  • 20% better cleaning performance*

Easy to use under furniture

  • The slimline product design and floor head with swivel joint make this machine incredibly easy to maneuver
  • Effortlessly clean under furniture and around objects
  • Clean right up to the edge with the wide cleaning surface area – for excellent results in corners and along edges

Suitable for all hard floors

  • Suitable for all hard floors – including parquet, laminate, stone, tiles and plastic
  • Low residual moisture means that floors can be walked on again almost immediately
  • Large range of detergents and care agents

Maximum freedom of movement

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery with a run time of 30 minutes
  • Clean independently of a power outlet
  • Three-stage LED display acts as an intuitive battery level indicator

Effortless wiping

  • Forward-rotating rollers mean no more tiresome scrubbing
  • Carrying around a bucket of water is a thing of the past thanks to the fresh and dirty water tanks
  • The rollers’ self-cleaning function makes cleaning up after use as simple as emptying out the dirty water tank


  • 90% water savings** – compared to cleaning with a conventional mop and bucket.


The launch offer includes an extra set of microfiber rollers.

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The Karcher EWM2 cordless roller mop easily removes stains and splashes without having to drag a bucket around or any need for scrubbing. It leaves surfaces 20% cleaner than a mop.* Dragging around a bucket and mop is a thing of the past with the new Karcher EWM2

Battery running time: Approximately 30 min.



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